Wednesday, February 9, 2011


[ 1 ]

* What did you learn that you did not know?
I had learnt more about how to create a blog. In beginning, it is quite complicated to create and manage a blog. But, with the instructions from my lecturer's blog, its help me a lot.

* What type of blog do you find most compelling -- a group or an individual blog?
In my opinion, the type of blog that i find most compelling is an individual blog.

* Why?
This is because, an individual blog is more personally and easy to manage it.

* Submit your answers to your instructor.


[ 2 ]

* What is your blog name and address?
* What is its primary purpose?
* Write a paragraph containing the answers to these questions and any other information you is pertinent.
* Submit this paragraph to your instructor.

My blog name is Just an Ordinary Girl and the address is The primary purpose I had create this blog is because it was an assignment of Computer Science. So, I need to complete the tasks which was given from my lecturer..


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